Spirituality is virtual reality! Wake up to virtual reality!

Spirituality -
The prophesied “Eternal Religion”:
the full and final revelation of God, the Source!

The Oracle makes the greatest revelation in human history by proving we’re eternal spiritual beings playing in a game of virtual reality. The Oracle not only proves this, but is also THE rule book to this virtual reality game.

The Oracle is guaranteed to be the world’s greatest personal power upgrade technology. It upgrades you, your personal operating system and reality, from the physical to the spiritual (virtual) reality of life. It upgrades you from mortal physical human being to eternal spiritual being, making the previously invisible visible and the previously impossible possible.

Welcome to a world without rules and controls, borders and boundaries, a world where anything is possible!

We are spiritual beings on a human journey,
not human beings on a spiritual journey.

God created the physical reality to give us, as eternal spiritual beings, a virtual reality playground to play in. This playground involves taking us on a journey of adventure and discovery beyond imagination. This journey involves the exploration of God and Self, in relationship with God. It’s all part of the eternal cycle of separation and reunion with God in order to experientially learn who we really are. The four ages of God are:

  • Tribal paganism
  • Polytheism
  • Monotheism
  • Spirituality.

In all the world’s religions God made man the promise of the final and full revelation of God and that this would result in eternal life, living in the presence of God and the full understanding of exactly who we are as children of God. This greatest of all messages would be held in God’s final religion, the prophesied eternal religion (Hinduism).

Spirituality is the promised eternal religion, the full and final revelation of God and Self! It contains God’s spiritual medicine for all fear, original sin: God’s laws of unconditional love, love without fear (sin)!