The Story

David’s Story & Odyssey

My great grandfather, Leon de Cleene, was a Roman Catholic priest who was torn between women and the Church. Thank God he chose women otherwise I wouldn’t be here, but his decision at the time was so traumatic that he had to sacrifice his life up until then and begin a whole new life in a new country, emigrating from Belgium to New Zealand. My grandfather was a soldier in World War 1 who was injured in battle twice and badly suffered shell shock for the rest of his life, never being able to hold down a steady job.

My father, Trevor de Cleene, was a lawyer turned politician, a law keeper turned law maker, so I was raised around the constant debate regarding what was justice, both social and criminal justice. He also believed that New Zealand could be the best place on earth to live and making it so became his life’s mission. He was a cabinet minister in the fourth Labour Government elected in 1984 who rescued New Zealand at arguably its darkest and most desperate time of need when it was close to going bankrupt. This government became a world leader of a new direction when it declared New Zealand a nuclear free zone: the only country in the world to do so! In doing so it told the world that it said no to the Cold War peace philosophy of the nuclear deterrent and no to nuclear power, but instead world seek out a new sustainable global peace philosophy and a new sustainable form of energy.

Since I was raised as a child in the environment of transforming countries, my passion and profession became rescuing and transforming some of Australasia’s largest multinationals during their most critical times, at the time they were near bankrupt and on the verge of being closed down. I developed my own unique formula and have always achieved results beyond previous imagination. I get sent in when all others have failed to solve previously impossible problems. This is achieved by developing business strategies that involve philosophical and cultural transformation, and myself being responsible for leading the implementation as well.

After backpacking solo and travelling on business around the world many times, I became very philosophical and some big questions started coming to me. I could see the world was in trouble even though nobody else could. There was also something I was searching for but I didn’t know what it was. It was then I became aware of my family legacy of public service and remembered the promise I made to myself as a child: to live the greatest life possible.

All this led to an experience in 1999 that changed my life. I didn’t know it at the time, but I now call it a spiritual epiphany, my visit to The Oracle: a dream that was the most real and powerful experience of my life. You can tell how powerful an experience is in one’s life by how much they change their subsequent behaviour. My visit to The Oracle was so powerful that it was a total game changer. From that moment on it was now the centre piece of my life from which all else was built upon and around.

In my visit to The Oracle, I had an outer body experience which took me through wormholes and across entire galaxies full of wonder beyond imagination until I stopped somewhere in the stars, only in this place the stars were souls, living beings. It was there that I met a special star, a very special soul. I looked at myself and realised I was also in soul form, a star, my highest self. This was a reality where we weren’t limited to physical form and so one of the best ways to express yourself was to morph in shape, colour, etc. Everything here was telepathic. We danced, played music together, laughed and giggled like kids while also having the very deepest and most soulful conversations. Somehow, we just melted into each other. She felt like she was a lover, mother, daughter, sister and best friend all in one. All the forms of love we find in a combination of our most beloved relationships all rolled into one.
It was there that I met one particular soul … and it was love at first sight.

There were no secrets because there was nothing to hide. Everything I didn’t like about myself she loved and vice versa. We completely healed each other’s’ “wounds”. For the first time in my life, I felt complete inner peace. There was the complete expression of free will and acceptance, no tension, no pretence. Everything gelled and we completed each other in every expression. After spending time together, we ever so gently, with the tenderest of care, realised that we weren’t so much meeting for the first time at all, but somehow, we were remembering each other. This awakening totally blew me away and I couldn’t grasp it at the time.

Before I could put the pieces together, I could feel reality pulling us apart and as we reached out for one last touch, I asked her in calm desperation how to find her again. She replied by simply looking me in the eyes and saying without any words, “Of course you’ll find me again. This is what we do. What we share is unconditional love. Search for unconditional love and you’ll find me again.” I didn’t understand what that meant logically, but I knew exactly what she meant emotionally. I’d been given a taste of the most powerful “drug” in the universe, unconditional love, and I was addicted!

I didn’t understand most of it at the time, but from then on, I knew my life’s purpose and mission. In its simplest form, it was to save the world and find the girl of my dreams, the girl I met in my dream! My father had helped save a country, New Zealand, in its darkest hour and my job was to save the world in its darkest hour! As for my love story, I had to somehow find the girl I danced with in the stars in my dream. She showed me that our love was out of this world, it was written in the stars, and she was my Miss Universe! And like Cinderella at the ball, she left me with a single clue on how to find her at the very end of the dream. If I helped the people of the world then I would tell them of my love story and ask for their help to find the woman of my dreams, the woman in my dream, my Wonder Woman, my Miss Universe! I intuitively knew that to find the answers to both would involve a journey much like Jason and the Argonauts.

I was born and raised an atheist, but from 2002 I have been in a state of deep meditation, taking my hero’s journey that has resulted in me transcending from the physical to the spiritual reality of life and being trained one-on-one by God. I tell you what, this must be right up there with the toughest training through all history. I’ve been tested to the absolute max and beyond all my previous borders and boundaries of pain and endurance. I’ve discovered for myself that the path to heaven is through hell. However, my rewards have been equally great. Along the way I’ve mastered all the world’s religions, philosophies (including science), including government and business (economic) philosophies, as well as studying world history, as history is simply religion and philosophy in manifest form. This journey has been beyond all previous imagination. It’s been longer, lonelier and tougher than I could have previously imagined, but also an amazing out of this world journey of adventure, exploration and discovery.

But hey, here& to the greatest chapters of my life being ahead and yet to be written! Now it’s finally time to start commercialising some of my work …
and to start sending out my signal, to start searching for Her!

The Reason (Club Mix) - Alex M.O.R.P.H.
Mess of a Machine - John O &Callaghan & Kathryn Gallagher
World for You - Ashley Wallbridge feat. Sarah de Warren