The Technology

The Oracle is the latest and greatest personal power technology in the world that literally upgrades your entire reality from the physical to the spiritual/virtual reality, uniting the dream world and the real world. This not only makes the previously invisible visible and the previously impossible possible, but gives you the power to make any dream you can possibly dream come true. 

We believe that actions and results speak louder than words. So, we’ll prove to you upfront the power of The Oracle by launching with what we claim to be the 5 most powerful and important documents in world history, being books of revelation, at the very time when the world is about to enter into its darkest period in history and needs them the most. This is an absolutely extraordinary and unbelievable claim and so please read them and prove us right or wrong with your reviews.

What’s more, this is only the beginning. We’ve got far more waiting in the wings … 

The Theory of Everything is The Code to the Matrix

The Theory of Everything is the single most important scientific theory and document of any kind written in world history! We can easily prove and benchmark this extraordinary claim by declaring that it contains the full and final answers to the Great Debate by uniting and advancing science’s Theory of Evolution and religions’ Creation Stories.


Science’s utopian and mythical Theory of Everything is The Code to the Matrix … and we’ve broken it. The Oracle contains The Code to the Matrix, The Theory of Everything. It’s so powerful that it upgrades your personal power from the physical to the spiritual reality of life, from human being to spiritual being!


The Theory of Everything, the Code to the Matrix, not only unites all scientific theory, but unites science and religion to provide scientific proof of a consciously designed virtual reality, of God … and ourselves as children of God … immortal, eternal spiritual beings … gods!

Godzone Plan

All the world’s religions tell us that God has designed this world for a purpose and that S/He has a plan for us with a promised destiny/destination. They each describe a little of this plan. The Oracle contains the full Godzone Plan in previously unimaginable detail. It’s incredibly complex, so at this stage to get you started, we’re giving you an introduction to Godzone Plan to give you a simple overview.

The Laws of Unconditional Love, 
Love without Fear (Sin): 
the cure to all fear (original sin) and 
our fallen state of human being

Our human nature is comprised of the duality of love and fear, with this natural inborn fear within our human nature being what Christianity refers to as original sin. The laws of unconditional love are God’s spiritual medicine that holds the power to heal and forever cure all fear, all original sin, and hence the fallen nature of humanity. Curing fear (original sin) returns us to the state of heaven, to the Kingdom of God (gods) on earth. The Oracle contains this spiritual medicine, the elixir that is the most powerful medicine in the world, spiritual medicine, holding the gift of eternal youth and life!

Spirituality is the Prophesied “Eternal Religion” Capable of Creating Eternal Life

As we’ve already stated, The Code to the Matrix not only unites all scientific theory, but also science and religion to provide scientific proof of God. Hence, The Theory of Everything, The Code to the Matrix, is also the eternal religion prophesied in Hinduism and indirectly in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is the religion that enables all of humanity to live in the presence of God, to experience and chat with God, one on one 24/7. It is the full and final revelation of God that upgrades humanity from the physical to the spiritual reality of life, from mortal human being to immortal spiritual being, a true child of God’s living in the presence of God in the Kingdom of God (gods), Paradise, on Earth. 

Spirituality is the “religion” that ushers in the Golden Age (Hinduism), the Messianic Age (Judaism), the World to Come (Christianity) and the New Age (spirituality). It is the “religion” that ushers in the spiritual, the eternal, reality of life! Furthermore, The Oracle is the official scripture to the “eternal religion” of spirituality that will start to be rolled out in 2024 and progressively be released over the next decade.